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Welcome to the Drew and Mike Fan Site!

This is your ORIGINAL source for sound clips, drop-ins, and songs first heard on the Drew and Mike show on WRIF 101.1 FM in Detroit weekday mornings, and continuing on the Drew and Marc show weekday afternoons on WMGC 105.1 FM! The show is well known for it's frequent use of funny sound clips and songs, some of which are even now traded throughout the Internet community. In addition, there is an updated "Drew and Mike Listener's Guide"!


To those who are still mirroring many of the audio files after all of these years
And not to be forgotten is the small army of fellow listeners who have supplied audio, pictures, corrections, and support in general for this site. Thanks!

New file mirrors are ALWAYS appreciated. If anyone else can supply a mirror, please contact me!

Latest Additions

New! [ Download ] (42k) thehockeytown.wav - Mike Ilitch's growl at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade: "We ARE the hockey town!" followed by the Ilitch growl

New! [ Download ] (9k) damnthat.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "Damn that."

New! [ Download ] (57k) pickafight.wav - Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm: "If you're determined to pick a fight, I hope you'll pick on somebody your own size."

New! [ Download ] (22k) letitrip.wav - From FOX2: "Let it rip!"

New! [ Download ] (24k) understandaword.wav - "I don't understand a word you just said."

New! [ Download ] (24k) thatgem.wav - Peter Griffin from "Family Guy": "How long you been waiting to crack out that gem?"

New! [ Download ] (25k) huelforecast.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "Whatever you call that forecast, we don't like it."

New! [ Download ] (28k) trumptoot.wav - A clip from a Donald Trump doll: "Brand yourself and toot your own horn."

New! [ Download ] (17k) wheresmydinner.wav - "Where's my dinner, bitch?"

New! [ Download ] (62k) apologize2.wav - "I apologize what happened. And I have that to say, and I'm finished right now, I'm gonna go home and rest."

New! [ Download ] (30k) apologize.wav - "I apologize. I mean, what else do you want me to say?"

New! [ Download ] (10k) ilitchgrowl.wav - Mike Ilitch's growl at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade

New! [ Download ] (12k) touchdown.wav - Paula Abdul: "Touchdown!"

New! [ Download ] (12k) gowedwings.wav - Kwame Kilpatrick at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade: "Go Wed Wings!"

New! [ Download ] (57k) makinglove.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "Relaxing, laughing, talking, sleeping, and making love."

New! [ Download ] (18k) beerisonme.wav - Kwame Kilpatrick at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade: "The beer is on me!"

New! [ Download ] (29k) beefwithme.wav - Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm: "If you have a beef with me, bring it on."

New! [ Download ] (19k) assfart.wav - Jason Sudeikis: "If I wanted to hear from an ass I'd fart."

New! [ Download ] (15k) youpaidwhat.wav - A local reporter: "You paid what?!"

New! [ Download ] (40k) jerrymaguire.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "You had me at 'Hello', Jerry Maguire, 2000."

New! [ Download ] (15k) sawbutthole.wav - Peyton Manning in an SNL sketch: "I think I saw his butthole."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (47k) 81yroldbullshit.wav - Some old Detroit dude: "I'm 81 years old and I'm in good shape, but I can't stand that bullsh--"

New! [ Download ] (27k) bodymassage.wav - From a dubbed G.I. Joe PSA: "Who want's a body massage?"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (18k) hornylevel.wav - Chris Hansen in Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator": "I can't control my horny level"

New! [ Download ] (35k) guilttrip.wav - Homer Simpson: "What are you a travel agent? 'Cuz you're sending me on a guilt trip."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (35k) gojerkoff.wav - From "American Pie 2": "I don't wanna hear about you and your boyfriends. Go jerk off."

New! [ Download ] (22k) getoff.wav - Carolyn Clifford from WXYZ: "Good looking people tend to get off"

New! [ Download ] (26k) freakinsexy.wav - Larry King: "You are freakin' sexy!"

New! [ Download ] (13k) fetish.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "He has a foot fetish"

New! [ Download ] (111k) drewblows.wav - Drew and Mike fans chanting "Drew blows!"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (22k) donoteatit.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "If you've got it, do not eat it"

New! [ Download ] (19k) bodyhair.wav - Chris Hansen on Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator": "Do you have any body hair?"

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Current Listener Sound Clip Requests
(meaning: send in these clips if you have them, because I don't at the moment. Thanks.)

I purged this area as most requested drops were stale or fulfilled. If you still have a pressing request, send it in.

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Due to the ever increasing amount of clips and drops, I've added a sound search to help you zero in on a page if you are looking for a particular drop.

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