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Since it appears that D&M were not prepared for the popularity of their new podcast, here's an alternate mirror you can use:

New! [ Mirror 1, Mirror 2 ] (139M) drew-and-mike-001.mp3 - #1, recorded May 3rd, 2016. You can watch for further posts here in the Entire Show section.

Welcome to the Drew and Mike Fan Site!

This is your ORIGINAL source for sound clips, drop-ins, and songs first heard on the Drew and Mike show on WRIF 101.1 FM in Detroit weekday mornings, and then later on the Drew and Marc show weekday afternoons on WMGC 105.1 FM! The show is well known for it's frequent use of funny sound clips and songs, some of which are even now traded throughout the Internet community. In addition, there is an updated "Drew and Mike Listener's Guide"!


To those who are still mirroring many of the audio files after all of these years. Wait? That's pretty much no one nowadays. Hah. New mirrors would be appreciated though, to help spread the load. If you have hosting and can help, please contact me!

And not to be forgotten is the small army of fellow listeners who have supplied audio, pictures, corrections, and support in general for this site. Thanks!

Current Listener Sound Clip Requests
(meaning: send in these clips if you have them, because I don't at the moment. Thanks.)

Someone (possibly Mike Clark) saying: "Compose yourself bitch!"

Someone (again, possibly Mike Clark) saying: "Ladies and gentlemen, please put your goddamn hands together!"

Ray Lane saying "Let's get it up!"

Someone saying "God almighty"

Sound Search
Due to the ever increasing amount of clips and drops, I've added a sound search to help you zero in on a page if you are looking for a particular drop.

Latest Audio Additions

New! [ Download ] (196k) wrestlingcry.mp3 - The full clip of wrestling super fan David Wills getting very emotional about this "sport"

New! [ Download ] (26k) usanumber1.mp3 - NFL quarterback Ricky Stanzi after winning the Orange Bowl: "If you don't love it, leave it. USA, number one!"

New! [ Download ] (28k) stillrealtome.mp3 - Wrestling super fan David Wills getting very emotional about this "sport": "It's still real to me damn it! I mean..."

New! [ Download ] (311k) slingbladeband.mp3 - The band from the movie "Sling Blade" jamming.

New! [ Download ] (14k) pregaygregjews.mp3 - Pre-gay Greg from TV's "Curb Your Enthusiasm": "Get a life jews!"

New! [ Download ] (692k) pottychair.mp3 - The Potty Chair song that is sometimes played when talking about or making calls about fecal related matters.

New! [ Download ] (15k) 7inches.mp3 - Heckler at Anthony Weiner resignation press conference: "Are you more than seven inches?"

New! [ Download ] (36k) obamathatguy.mp3 - Barack Obama reading from "Dreams from My Father": "Now you know that guy ain't shit. Sorry-assed motherfucker got nothing on me, right? Nothing."

New! [ Download ] (73k) obamaparty.mp3 - Barack Obama reading from "Dreams from My Father": "So what happens when we go out to a party with some sisters, huh? What happens? I tell you what happens. BLAM! They on us like there's no tomorrow. High school chicks, university chicks- it don't matter."

New! [ Download ] (13k) obamanumber.mp3 - Barack Obama reading from "Dreams from My Father": "Sure you can have my number, baby."

New! [ Download ] (16k) obamacomplicated.mp3 - Barack Obama reading from "Dreams from My Father": "Shit's getting way to complicated for me."

New! [ Download ] (223k) davidtrumpvoicemail.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump's outgoing voicemail message.

New! [ Download ] (41k) davidtrumpturnpike.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "You know- do you have anymore questions on the turnpike?"

New! [ Download ] (34k) davidtrumpthatquestion.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "That question should be referred to the New Jersey State Police."

New! [ Download ] (13k) davidtrumptakecare.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "Take care, have a good day."

New! [ Download ] (27k) davidtrumpcouldnttellyou.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "I couldn't honestly tell you."

New! [ Download ] (37k) davidtrumpburgerking.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "Uh, the service areas offer uh, Burger King."

New! [ Download ] (18k) davidtrumpspeaking.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "Good morning, David Trump speaking."

New! [ Download ] (23k) obamawhitefolks.mp3 - Barack Obama reading from "Dreams from My Father": "There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (166k) jacksonrestroom.mp3 Michael Jackson being interviewed on 60 Minutes: "Once I went in the restroom, they locked me in there for like 45 minutes. There was doo-doo, feces, thrown all over the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and it stunk so bad. And one of the policeman came by the window and he made a sarcastic remark. He said, 'Smell, does it smell good enough for you in there? How do you like the smell? Is it good?' And I said simply said, 'It's alright. It's okay.'"

New! [ Download ] (1.3M) koreshstandup.mp3 - Drew and Marc revist a very old bit, David Koresh Standup Comedy.

New! [ Download ] (39k) gonnagetpaid.mp3 - Former homeless man Ted Williams to his family on the "Dr. Phil" show: "I'm gonna make sure-," clears his nose "that, ya'll gonna get paid."

New! [ Download ] (403k) roundballrock.mp3 - The Roundball Rock lyrics bit from "Saturday Night Live" looped for about a minute: "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba basketball! Gimme gimme, gimme the ball because I'm gonna DUNK IT!!"

New! [ Download ] (14k) obamabestpresident.mp3 - Barack Obama imitating NFL player Richard Sherman: - "I'm the best president in the game!"

New! [ Download ] (17k) obamadontyouever.mp3 - Barack Obama imitating NFL player Richard Sherman: - "Don't you ever talk about me like that!"

New! [ Download ] (21k) obamafries.mp3 - Barack Obama reading from "Dreams from My Father": "You ain't my bitch nigger, buy your own damn fries."

New! [ Download ] (12k) thisdoanything.mp3 - Outtake from an Orson Welles wine commercial, in reference to an actor sitting beside him: "Does this do anything?"

New! [ Download ] (667k) tbcwhendrewhastopoo.mp3 - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners - When Drew Has to Poo (What Does Mike Do?)

New! [ Download ] (556k) tbcscarlettjohanssonfarts.mp3 - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners - Scarlett Johansson Farts

New! [ Download ] (831k) tbcbarackobamafarts.mp3 - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners - Barack Obama Farts

New! [ Download ] (1.8M) tatememories.mp3 - Before there was Mr. Methane, there was local hero Tate. Drew and Mike recall his farting talents.

Upgrade! [ Download ] (56k) sommyjail.mp3 - A clip of Canadian police talking to "Sommy" over the phone, which turned out just to be a kid named Billy Tamai playing a prank on his infinitely stupid parents in Emeryville, Ontario. Police Officer: "You want to give yourself up and get this over with?"
Sommy: "I can't do that."
Police: "Why not?"
Sommy: "Well because I'd go to jail."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (29k) sommyalpha.mp3 - Billy Tamai aka "Sommy", the supposed mastermind hacker from Emeryville, ON reciting part of the alphabet

New! [ Download ] (70k) lameasssecurity.mp3 - Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses, as he caused what became to be known as the "Riverport Riot": "Well, thanks to the lame ass security, I'm going home!" *slams microphone down*
Slash: "He just smashed the microphone. We're out of here."

New! [ Download ] (114k) johnlsmith.mp3 - MSU football coach John L. Smith having a meltdown after a botched field goal against Ohio State in 2005: "

New! [ Download ] (411k) jimteryaki.mp3 - The Jim Teryaki (aka ML Curly aka Jim Thompson) voicemails

New! [ Download ] (70k) everybodydancenow.mp3 - Borat from "Da Ali G Show": "Everybody dance now!"

New! [ Download ] (21k) edlightfootsorryyalost.mp3 - Ed Lightfoot, a tool from Warren, MI who was charged with stalking and making obscence phone calls to minors: "Sorry ya lost! Bye."

New! [ Download ] (12k) dontwearthat.mp3 - Christian Bale in the movie "American Psycho": "Don't wear that outfit again."

New! [ Download ] (15k) davidtrumpmemorabilia.mp3 - New Jersey Turnpike Authority employee David Trump: "Memorabilia"

New! [ Download ] (183k) cuts.mp3 - Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons" making a series of cuts from the football team.

New! [ Download ] (169k) crackback.mp3 - The sound of Charlie and Frank from TV's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" cracking eachother's backs, or possibly at least two men bufuing.

New! [ Download ] (17k) chocolateman.mp3 - From the movie "White Chicks": "What a beautiful chocolate man!"

New! [ Download ] (675k) chiabush.mp3 - Chia Bush

New! [ Download ] (17k) ahhthefrenchmellow.mp3 - Outtake from an Orson Welles wine commercial, but mellower: "Ahhhhhhhhh the french!"

New! [ Download ] (29k) ahhthefrench.mp3 - Outtake from an Orson Welles wine commercial: "Ahhhh the french champagne!"

New! [ Download ] (13k) wrapitupwrapitup.mp3 - "Hey, we need to wrap it up, wrap it up."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (12k) wrapitupguy.mp3 - "I'm sorry guys, we're going to need to wrap it up."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (13k) whosyourdaddy.mp3 - Who's your daddy bitch?!"

New! [ Download ] (639k) whosonthephonefullphonecall.mp3 - Drew and Mike revisit a phone call to a bagel named Francis about her house of skank.

New! [ Download ] (12k) whosonthephone.mp3 - An old bagel named Francis who lives in a house of skank: "Who's on the phone?"

New! [ Download ] (24k) soakingwet.mp3 - "Stewie Griffin" from "Family Guy": "Oh God, I bet that diaper is soaking wet."

New! [ Download ] (30k) sissyfag.mp3 - "Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in 'The Adventures of Luke Sissyfag'."

New! [ Download ] (19k) singlemom.mp3 - "Beavis" from "Beavis and Butt-head": "Yeah well you know it's tough being a single mom you know."

New! [ Download ] (25k) shutupandlisten.mp3 - An aggressive 911 caller about a winter wreck on I94 (see 911callerfaced.mp3): "Ok, I want you to shut up and I want you to listen to me very carefully."

New! [ Download ] (886k) ratedxmassuckonmycock.mp3 - Suck on My Cock, from the Rated X-mas CD that Marc loved to try and get Drew to play

New! [ Download ] (984k) ratedxmasrudolph.mp3 - Rudolph the Deep Throat Reindeer, from the Rated X-mas CD that Marc loved to try and get Drew to play

New! [ Download ] (1.0M) ratedxmasfrosty.mp3 - Frosty the Pervert, from the Rated X-mas CD that Marc loved to try and get Drew to play

New! [ Download ] (1.7M) ratedxmaschokemychicken.mp3 - I Love to Choke My Chicken with My Hand, from the Rated X-mas CD that Marc loved to try and get Drew to play

New! [ Download ] (29k) nutsackinsured.mp3 - From "Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo": "His nut- is insured for a million dollars."

"That's 500 grand each."

New! [ Download ] (13k) nutbreath.mp3 - Will Arnett: "Hey nutbreath, how's it going?"

New! [ Download ] (13k) numbnuts.mp3 - Will Arnett: "Hey numbnuts, is that you?"

New! [ Download ] (889k) niceboobs.mp3 - The frequently played Looney Tune, "Nice Boobs"

New! [ Download ] (67k) loadedwithfuel.mp3 - WXYZ's Stephen Clark: "Again, we're just throwing information at you about this airplane. And what might cause, obviously a fully loaded- am I making the assumption it would be fully loaded with fuel?"

New! [ Download ] (17k) littlebitofheaven.mp3 - Amy Fisher, from her and her then husband's sex tape: "This is my little bit of heaven."

New! [ Download ] (11k) knowallthat.mp3 - From "South Park": "Yes, we all know that, go on."

New! [ Download ] (10k) hasselhoffillbefine.mp3 - From the video David Hasselhoff's daughter took of him being a drunk wreck: "I'll be fine."

New! [ Download ] (16k) gosselinitwaslikeweird.mp3 - That tool from "Jon & Kate Plus 8", Jon Gosselin: "It was like, weird."

New! [ Download ] (21k) goodgirl.mp3 - Amy Fisher's then husband from their sex tape: "That's a good girl, you're good."

New! [ Download ] (19k) flying.mp3 - "Lloyd Christmas" in "Dumb and Dumber": Why you going to the airport? Flying somewhere?"

New! [ Download ] (1.3M) finalcountdown.mp3 - What may be one of the worst cover versions of any song, ever. It's the Final Countdown.

New! [ Download ] (11k) feltsogood.mp3 - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "That felt so good."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (31k) dorklaugh.mp3 - Matt Marcotte, a dorky "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant laughing.

New! [ Download ] (34k) auditor.mp3 - Ted Patchell, a gay "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant: "I'm an inventory auditor"
Regis Philbin: "Which means?"
Ted Patchell: "I go to stores and count everything in them."

New! [ Download ] (29k) alkaseltzer.mp3 - Matt Marcotte, a dorky "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant: "'Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is', Alka-Seltzer."

New! [ Download ] (11k) airyfart.mp3 - An airy fart

New! [ Download ] (12k) ahomo.mp3 - Some old lady: "You're a homo."

New! [ Download ] (9k) aflac.mp3 - The Aflac duck

New! [ Download ] (61k) adozenshoes.mp3 - Ted Patchell, a gay "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" contestant, lets Regis know what he would do with the million dollars if he won, most notably splurge and buy a dozen shoes all at once.

New! [ Download ] (17k) absoluteload.mp3 - Some sports commentator: "This guy is an absolute load."

New! [ Download ] (10k) abouttocry.mp3 - Danny McBride: "What are you about to cry?"

New! [ Download ] (370k) 911callerfaced.mp3 - A Michigan 911 caller about a large pileup on I94 in January, 2015 wants the dispatcher to shut up and listen very carefully

Upgrade! [ Download ] (16k) 69.mp3 - Adam Sandler: "69!!! Heh heh hah ha!"

New! [ Download ] (1.3M) tylerhamilton.mp3 - An awkward 60 Minutes interview with Tyler Hamilton re: Lance Armstrong

New! [ Download ] (19k) democrats.mp3 - Whoever typically does the voiceover for FOX 2: "Where in the world are the democrats?"

New! [ Download ] (8k) arnoldsitdown.mp3 - Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Sit down"

New! [ Download ] (17k) 75yearsago.mp3 - Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons": "I heard that one seventy-five years ago"

New! [ Download ] (29k) 10vaginas.mp3 - Tyra Banks: "Between them, they have 10 vaginas"

New! [ Download ] (18k) thisguysweiner.mp3 - From "South Park": "This guy's weiner is, you know, huge, right?"

New! [ Download ] (14k) squeezemybutt.mp3 - Louie Anderson on TV's "Splash": "I gotta squeeze my butt!"

New! [ Download ] (11k) obamaiagree.mp3 - Barack Obama: "I agree!"

New! [ Download ] (9k) boingslow.mp3 - Slow version of the springy boner sound effect

New! [ Download ] (8k) boing.mp3 - The springy boner sound effect

New! [ Download ] (7k) boingfast.mp3 - Fast version of the springy boner sound effect

New! [ Download ] (11k) boingextended.mp3 - Extended version of the springy boner sound effect

New! [ Download ] (1.0M) leonardskinner.mp3 - Cliff Notes Theatre for Leonard Skinner, the inspiration for Lynyrd Skynyrd

New! [ Download ] (1.1M) hookemhorns.mp3 - Cliff Notes Theatre for Harley Clark, the "Hook 'em Horns" guy

New! [ Download ] (1.3M) tonyverna.mp3 - Cliff Notes Theatre for Tony Verna, the inventor of instant replay.

New! [ Download ] (10k) whereistheturkey.mp3 - From the Thanskgiving Wampler foods call: "Where is the turkey?"

New! [ Download ] (20k) turkeynowhere.mp3 - From the Thanskgiving Wampler foods call: "The turkey was nowhere to be found!"

New! [ Download ] (8k) izzoawesome.mp3 - MSU Men's basketball coach Tom Izzo: "Awesome!"

New! [ Download ] (1.24M) vaginaprotest.mp3 - A montage of media coverage of the vagina rally/protest in Lansing

New! [ Download ] (16k) vaginahehe.mp3 - A woman at the Lansing vagina rally/protest: "Vagina! Haha hehe"

New! [ Download ] (21k) oprahbitchagespots.mp3 - Some bitch that was featured on Oprah: "I made him get some age spots removed on his face."

New! [ Download ] (17k) doingawesome.mp3 - Some kid saying, "You're doing awesome!"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (37k) triumphwhogives.mp3 - Robert Smigel as "Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog": "No, no, I'm sorry. Very sorry. The correct answer is, who gives a sh--!"

New! [ Download ] (19k) slob.mp3 - "You are a disgusting slob!"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (170k) romefullmacespray.mp3 - An apparently local caller to Jim Rome's show mentions a full mace spray

New! [ Download ] (26k) prettyracist.mp3 - Andy Samberg: "That's pretty racist, but correct."

New! [ Download ] (13k) oohmy.mp3 - George Takei, aka Mr. Sulu: "Ooooh my!"

New! [ Download ] (95k) naacpguylovemydick.mp3 - A NAACP member wants everyone to know how much people love his dick. Either that or NFL player Mike Vick.

New! [ Download ] (16k) monicaconyers.mp3 - Detroit water rates protester Ruth Williams: "Somebody by the name of Monica Conyers."

New! [ Download ] (6k) larrykinglaughing.mp3 - Larry King laughing.

New! [ Download ] (9k) gimme10inches.mp3 - Mike Clark: "Gimme 10 inches! That's what I say"

New! [ Download ] (28k) cokewhore.mp3 - Dr. Phil: "Now that is one skanky looking coke whore"

New! [ Download ] (69k) alkaline.mp3 - Apparently a WRIF employee who isn't originally from the area does a read about a Detroit Tigers Al Kaline giveaway but makes a crucial mistake.

Upgrade! [ Download ] (30.2M) 9112008.mp3 - A 70+ minute 2008 rebroadcast of the show as it aired on September 11th, 2001.

New! [ Download ] (850k) gayperview10thanni.mp3 - The 10th Anniversary Edition of Gay Per View

New! [ Download ] (568k) gayperview2ndannual.mp3 - The second annual edition of John Madden Gay Per View.

New! [ Download ] (2.6M) diarrheahitandrun.mp3 - Drew and Marc end up at a dead end in search of a guy with a stupid tattoo and instead meet 92 year old Persis who apparently couldn't let a jogger get in the way of a diarrhea emergency.

Upgrade! [ Download ] (17k) 9thplace.mp3 - Robert DeNiro in "Meet the Fokkers": "I didn't know they made ninth place ribbons"

New! [ Download ] (6k) yaknow.mp3 - From the Jason Moss jail phone interviews with John Wayne Gacy: "Ya know"

New! [ Download ] (10k) cya2.mp3 - I think this is the "McLovin" character from "Superbad" saying: "Ok, cya!"

New! [ Download ] (24k) rockquestion.wav - From Def Leppard's song "Let's Get Rocked": "I suppose a rock's outta the question"

New! [ Download ] (26k) readthepaper.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "Come on! Read the paper, watch the news!"

New! [ Download ] (32k) onlygettingstarted.wav - Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm: "We're only getting started my friends!"

New! [ Download ] (37k) officialboner.wav - Will Ferrell in "Blades of Glory": "You an official here? 'Cause you have officially given me a boner."

New! [ Download ] (31k) rockouttahere.wav - From Def Leppard's song "Let's Get Rocked": "Let's get the rock outta here!"

New! [ Download ] (15k) rockwithyou.wav - I believe this is Tommy Lee on TV's "Rock Star: Supernova": "I want to come and rock with you."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (32k) sleeveofwizard.wav - Sacha Baron Cohen as "Borat": "Her vagine hang like sleeve of wizard."

New! [ Download ] (10k) huelhaha.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "Haha."

New! [ Download ] (64k) bustediswhatyousee.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "Haha. Damn that. Never busted. Busted is what you see. Haha."

New! [ Download ] (38k) joesbarsinggoat.wav - Bar patron from the "Joe's Bar" sketch on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien": "You sing like a goat choking on it's own scrotum."

New! [ Download ] (43k) joesbardouchebag.wav - Bar patron from the "Joe's Bar" sketch on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien": "Let me say you look like a douchebag with all your lip synchin' and your cryin'."

New! [ Download ] (23k) joesbardiealready.wav - Bar patron from the "Joe's Bar" sketch on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien": "Why don't you just die already?!"

New! [ Download ] (65k) biblesirs.wav - Jay in "Clerks II": "You should read your Bible, sirs. You'll find all types of weird sh-- in there. Like did you know Jesus was a Jew?"

New! [ Download ] (16k) oprahyoutube.wav - Oprah Winfrey yelling "YOUTUBE!"

New! [ Download ] (43k) cloggedtoilet.wav - "I clogged the toilet. I took a really big dump in it and I'm not strong enough to plunge it."

New! [ Download ] (20k) stopitjackson.wav - WXYZ's Stephen Clark: "Stop it Michael Jackson."

New! [ Download ] (20k) startthisonejack.wav - Fifi LaRue aka Feces LaRue, auditioning for FOX's "The Next Great American Band": "Start this one jack!"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (20k) relaxanus.wav - From the FOX TV series "House": "I need you to relax your anus."

New! [ Download ] (34k) spartansgay.wav - "You read about the Spartans, they were all homosexuals, the whole lot of 'em."

New! [ Download ] (27k) wannagetrocked.wav - From the Def Leppard song "Let's Get Rocked": "Do ya wanna get rocked?"

New! [ Download ] (18k) thisisamess.wav - A drunk David Hasselhoff, while eating a hamburger on the floor: "This is a mess."

New! [ Download ] (43k) workthegoogle.wav - Will Ferrell in "Blades of Glory": "Showing off, figured out how to work the Google on the internet machine."

New! [ Download ] (30k) leavebritneyalone.wav - Chris Crocker, that internet tool who made the "Leave Britney alone!" video in 2007, crying as much.

New! [ Download ] (88k) beatmeat.wav - John Madden: "You know they just beat the meat to death like that and throw it in a fryer."
Al Michaels: "It's a lot of fat grams whatever it is."

New! [ Download ] (33k) lizsiren.wav - The loopy Elizabeth Taylor siren.

New! [ Download ] (22k) landplane.wav - Homer Simpson - "I"m trying to land a plane with no experience."

New! [ Download ] (18k) interestingstory.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "Wow, that was an interesting story."

New! [ Download ] (42k) thehockeytown.wav - Mike Ilitch's growl at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade: "We ARE the hockey town!" followed by the Ilitch growl

New! [ Download ] (9k) damnthat.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "Damn that."

New! [ Download ] (57k) pickafight.wav - Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm: "If you're determined to pick a fight, I hope you'll pick on somebody your own size."

New! [ Download ] (22k) letitrip.wav - From FOX2: "Let it rip!"

New! [ Download ] (24k) understandaword.wav - "I don't understand a word you just said."

New! [ Download ] (24k) thatgem.wav - Peter Griffin from "Family Guy": "How long you been waiting to crack out that gem?"

New! [ Download ] (25k) huelforecast.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "Whatever you call that forecast, we don't like it."

New! [ Download ] (28k) trumptoot.wav - A clip from a Donald Trump doll: "Brand yourself and toot your own horn."

New! [ Download ] (17k) wheresmydinner.wav - "Where's my dinner, bitch?"

New! [ Download ] (62k) apologize2.wav - "I apologize what happened. And I have that to say, and I'm finished right now, I'm gonna go home and rest."

New! [ Download ] (30k) apologize.wav - "I apologize. I mean, what else do you want me to say?"

New! [ Download ] (10k) ilitchgrowl.wav - Mike Ilitch's growl at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade

New! [ Download ] (12k) touchdown.wav - Paula Abdul: "Touchdown!"

New! [ Download ] (12k) gowedwings.wav - Kwame Kilpatrick at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade: "Go Wed Wings!"

New! [ Download ] (57k) makinglove.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "Relaxing, laughing, talking, sleeping, and making love."

New! [ Download ] (18k) beerisonme.wav - Kwame Kilpatrick at the 2008 Detroit Red Wings victory parade: "The beer is on me!"

New! [ Download ] (29k) beefwithme.wav - Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm: "If you have a beef with me, bring it on."

New! [ Download ] (19k) assfart.wav - Jason Sudeikis: "If I wanted to hear from an ass I'd fart."

New! [ Download ] (15k) youpaidwhat.wav - A local reporter: "You paid what?!"

New! [ Download ] (40k) jerrymaguire.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK reading a Kwame Kilpatrick text message: "You had me at 'Hello', Jerry Maguire, 2000."

New! [ Download ] (15k) sawbutthole.wav - Peyton Manning in an SNL sketch: "I think I saw his butthole."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (47k) 81yroldbullshit.wav - Some old Detroit dude: "I'm 81 years old and I'm in good shape, but I can't stand that bullsh--"

New! [ Download ] (27k) bodymassage.wav - From a dubbed G.I. Joe PSA: "Who want's a body massage?"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (18k) hornylevel.wav - Chris Hansen in Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator": "I can't control my horny level"

New! [ Download ] (35k) guilttrip.wav - Homer Simpson: "What are you a travel agent? 'Cuz you're sending me on a guilt trip."

Upgrade! [ Download ] (35k) gojerkoff.wav - From "American Pie 2": "I don't wanna hear about you and your boyfriends. Go jerk off."

New! [ Download ] (22k) getoff.wav - Carolyn Clifford from WXYZ: "Good looking people tend to get off"

New! [ Download ] (26k) freakinsexy.wav - Larry King: "You are freakin' sexy!"

New! [ Download ] (13k) fetish.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "He has a foot fetish"

New! [ Download ] (111k) drewblows.wav - Drew and Mike fans chanting "Drew blows!"

Upgrade! [ Download ] (22k) donoteatit.wav - Huel Perkins from WJBK: "If you've got it, do not eat it"

New! [ Download ] (19k) bodyhair.wav - Chris Hansen on Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator": "Do you have any body hair?"

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