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Ask Marc Off-Air

In more recent times, Marc Fellhauer has alluded on a number of occasions about incidents or secrets that are just too juicy to talk about on-air. Marc has specifically asked listeners to ask him about these things off-air. So in that vein, and in the off chance you ever run into him, here's a running list of some of those juicy tidbits...

  • What former NFL player/coach left behind a sexual self help book and associated products at a Metro Detroit hotel? (Joe possibly accidentally revealed this on air in late 2013, but I won't spoil Marc's story.)
  • What celebrity dated someone locally and was heard to proclaim, "this part's mine, and that part is anybody else's." For context, this was apparently said in a much similar vein to the famous quote attributed to O.J. Simpson, "this is where babies come from and this is mine!"
  • What's the story about former Detroit Lions player David Sloan's sister?
  • Who are the two people that Tom Mazawey hates? Came up after Tom said he liked caller "John", who claimed that he worked at Cobo Arena and could have stopped the Nancy Kerrigan attacker from escaping if it weren't for the fact that he was on a break at the time to eat a sandwich.
  • What is Detroit Tiger Justin Verlander's ex-girlfriend doing that is keeping her "a little busy"?
  • What did Al Fellhauer witness someone do that they shouldn't have at an MLB All-Star Game? Al elected not to rat the person out.
  • Which former Detroit Tigers player is "bald down there"? Allegedly.
  • Who was the person that Marc ran into after having not seen for a long time and his reaction, after initially thinking "Oh my God" was, "Whoa! How've you been?" For context, the conversation immediately prior to this was about how the drug Prednisone must have been what Jerry Lewis had taken to make his face huge and followed by Drew remarking how rude people are at class reunions.
  • Who is the local weatherman who is known for talking about pussy and kind of a badass?
  • Why did Tom Mazawey leave work at 105.1FM without saying "Bye" in late summer 2014? Tom said it could not be revealed over the air because an innocent party would be harmed.
  • Who was apparently so bored that they beat off in the bathroom at WRIF?
  • A former aide of Donald Sterling's filed a lawsuit against him when he would not pay her after she refused to perform sex acts she considered degrading. What were they?
  • On one show in 2014 Marc revealed two interesting Michigan Wolverines tidbits: 1) that despite Harbaugh saying Wilton Speight was day-to-day, he was actually 50/50 to play in the next game against Ohio State. 2) It was believed that quarterback John O'Korn was going to be a starter but apparently he likes to challenge things told to him by coaches. Who are the two people he considered "in the know" that revealed this information? The first source is better than the second source.
  • Who was the guy that Darren McCarty loaned $50,000 to that never talked to him again? This one is a maybe. Marc reserves the right to not reveal this one, even in person.
  • This is actually an "Ask Drew": Drew revealed that while working for an up-and-coming radio chain, the company would have a corporate event weekend for all the morning shows. A very prominent (at the time, this apparently happened a long time ago) guest speaker was hired and he gave an inspirational speech about what it takes to have a successful morning show. Later, at the bar, said speaker had a couple of drinks with various members of the audience. He then proceeded to get increasingly drunk, all the while trashing the very people he was supposed to be coaching. Despite the company's efforts to "keep it light", the speaker caused things to become horribly awkward. Who was the guest speaker?
  • Who is the surprising person that is an ass hound? Joey came up with the name and apparently Marc agreed but didn't want to reveal who the person is. Some other names who could be mentioned that came up during the discussion were: Jerry West, Jerry Buss, and Bill Walsh.

I believe that this list may be missing some early entries. Based on a comment Marc made on-air once, there may be as many as three or four other entries I'm missing. If you remember them, let me know!