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Welcome to the Drew and Mike Fan Site!


To Josh, Dave, and Mark who are currently hosting all the Drew and Mike sounds!
And not to be forgotten is the small army of fellow listeners who have supplied audio, pictures, corrections, and support in general for this site. Thanks!

We ALWAYS need more mirrors. If anyone else can supply a mirror, please contact me!

This is your source for sound clips, drop-ins, and songs heard on the Drew and Mike show on WRIF 101.1 FM in Detroit weekday mornings! The show is well known for it's frequent use of funny sound clips and songs, some of which are even now traded throughout the Internet community. In addition, there is an updated "Drew and Mike Listener's Guide"!. And oh, by the way, if these pages don't display properly for you, TOOOO BAD.

Latest Additions

Mar 20, 07: Yearly site update. Around 18 megs this time. 122 new or updated clips

Sep 03, 06: Finally got around to uploading the yearly full site update.

Jul 31, 05: My how time flies between updates. 50 megs of new or updated material has been uploaded.

Oct 10, 04: A huge update. Hours of new audio. A few new pictures added. New "Separated At Birth" section added to the Listener's Guide as well as the usual Glossary tweaks.

May 25, 04 Let's see, it's a 38 meg update folks. Sounds added to ALL areas. Have at it! Also some other things updated as well like Drew's Ideas and Stump the Staff rules.

Oct 05, 03: 9megs or 63 files of new and updated sound clips added.

Current Listener Sound Clip Requests
(meaning: send in these clips if you have them, because I don't at the moment. Use the contact page to find out the email address. Or join the message board and post a link. Thanks.)

- "I didn't understand a damn thing that just came out of your mouth"?

- the Gallagher clip " haluin off & wackin it, & puttin it in a bowl"

- the Jackie Currie drop "Today"?

- the "dont wear that outfit again" drop

- "What a wonderful chocolate man"

- Mr. Methane farting the Happy Birthday song

- Michigan State football coach John L Smith at the end of the first half vs. Ohio State on October 15 (2005) when he was ranting about a botched field goal attempt and said something similar to "the players are playing their tails off but the coaches are screwin' it up"

- the felching/Richard Gear/armageddon mp3

- It's of a man urinating and making a very long, relieved sound, like he's had about 6 beers and REALLY had to go.

- a clip of Drew saying "Let me put on my hooters jacket"

- The full September 11th, 2001 show

- could you find the sound wav when John L Smith, coach of MSU Football, yelled "cause i said it was like that!". it was at a press conference near the end of the 2004 msu football season.

- The Fuhrman tapes

- Borat saying "everyone dance now"

- Marty Mornhinweg saying "I'm Hacked off!"

- Some dude saying "You are a bona fide idiot!"

- the Drew and Mike Titty Bar clips with the japanese guys who got robbed during the auto show

- the Jim Teryaki calls that Drew did

- The segment of the annoying woman at the lions game mixed with the crazy bitch drop

- The Chris Farley Taxi Cab confession

- Al Gore saying "that is a national outrage" (from 3rd presidential debate of 2000)

- The Playboy Search

- the "Chia Bush" Drew and Mike commercial

- Mr.T saying "Trudi news, GRRRRRRR!"

- The Arabic song they play

- the Daryl Strawberry colon cancer sketch

- the drop where Homer is coaching Bart's football team and he makes all the cuts

- More tastes of Tate.

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