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The Drew-n-Mike-Opedia (and entire website) is dedicated to The Drew and Mike Show - featuring Drew Lane and Mike Clark.
Drew and Mike
Originally heard LIVE from 6AM - 10AM+ Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, Saturday 6AM - 10AM "Best Of" on 101.1 FM, WRIF, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
WRIF Radio
The show concluded after 22 years on the air with it's last radio broadcast on May 17th, 2013.

  • Drew Lane After the end of the original Drew and Mike show, Drew created a podcast, the Drewcast. It had a short run in the summer of 2013 before he moved on to 105.1FM.

    After parting ways with 105.1, Drew essentially resurrected the Drewcast by creating The Drew and Mike Podcast in May 2016.

    Further Links:

    Drew Lane's Twitter when he was on 105.1FM.

    Drew Lane's Current Twitter.

  • Mike Clark After the conclusion of the original Drew and Mike show, Mike Clark appears to have essentially retired. He did appear from time to time on the Drew and Mike Podcast but failed to appear shortly thereafter.

    For a time, he was also a partner on The Detroit Cast but left after six months.

    More recently, the reason cited for his lack of appearances has been vocal cord paralysis.

    Further Links:

    Mike Clark on Facebook

    A second entry for Mike Clark on Facebook.

  • Marc FellhauerAfter the show, former producer Marc joined Drew on the Drewcast, and later on 105.1FM with Drew in afternoons.

    He remains on 105.1FM today as part of the morning show, with occasional guest appearances on The Drew and Mike Podcast.

    Further Links:

    Marc Fellhauer on Twitter

  • Mike WoltersAfter leaving WRIF, Mike Wolters joined Drew's short-lived The Drewcast.

    After Drew's first podcast ended, Wolters carried on his own podcast, The Detroit Cast.

    Further Links:

    Mike Wolters on Twitter

Further Reading / Web Links

Excelsior Drew and Mike Fan Site - The predecessor Drew and Mike fan site which inspired me to create this one. Appears to now be defunct so links to the archive.

Official Drew and Mike on WRIF Homepage - The official site is long gone, but some of it lives on in an archive.

The Drewcast - The internet home of Drew, Marc, Mike W. and Mike Clark (only appeared in one episode) during the summer of 2013.

The Drew and Mike Podcast - The current incarnation of Drew and Mike. Effectively a reincarnation of the Drewcast as Drew continues to carry the bulk of the show, with Mike Clark currently appearing two days a week, and various other special guests including Trudi, Marc, and Charlie LeDuff.

This site (The Drew and Mike Fan Site) is in no way affiliated with Drew and Mike or WRIF. When you email the webmaster here, you are NOT emailing Drew, Mike Clark, Marc Fellhauer, Mike Wolters, or anyone else affiliated with the show.